Friday, July 25, 2008

Right Back Where We Started from

China Best - 0 stars
883 Hamilton Ave., Menlo Park, CA

I'm taking one last trip to the office in California before starting law school in September. Since I'm a sucker for nostalgia, I took a drive down to Menlo Park to take a look at our first office, where we started the company back in September 2001.

Our first meeting there was on September 17, six days after you-know-what. We were renting a few cubicles from Autodaq, a company founded by three of Ken's business school friends. I don't think I had been back since we moved in with our VCs in the middle of 2002. We've moved twice since then, and our new offices are in a big glass building that used to house one of Silicon Valley's most prominent companies.

Back then we used to eat either at one of the local taquerias where most of the other customers were Mexicans (and the jukeboxes were full of Mexican music) or in a mini-strip mall off of Willow Ave. I was hoping to go to the Vietnamese place, but it's no longer there, so instead I went to the Chinese place. It was never very good, and if anything it got worse; the broccoli with garlic sauce tasted both undercooked and stale, and even the rice was weirdly oversized (long grain?) and dry.

I doubt I'll be going back to that particular strip mall. But it was one more place I wanted to say good bye to.

(The title of this post, of course, is a reference to the theme song of a TV show that I liked - at least for the first seasson.)

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